Child Aid Africa is a Christian based organization with a  mission to empower and aid HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.

Students of Muchatha primary School Kiambu

DSCN0765Children in Kenya (age 18 and below) comprise over 60% of the total population estimated at 33 million. Child Aid Africa supports AIDS orphaned children and those in excessive poverty due to parental death, or abandonment. Many children in Kenya are living in dramatically changing conditions that have posed serious problems for them such as, lack of education opportunities, child labor, HIV/AIDS infection, poverty, sexual abuse, drug abuse, abandonment, and early death caused by preventable diseases.

Child Aid Africa’s major goal is to give children hope and to assist them to realize full development potential to counter negative influences. In this regard, we are aware that childhood is a period of great importance in the developmental process in the life of every young child. Timely intervention to place the children in a loving family environment where they can receive support, and Christian guidance plays a significant role in building a strong foundation for a healthy productive adulthood.

Child Aid Africa recognizes children in Africa need family networks of support and loving family care to succeed in education and in life. There is an urgent need to support Child Aid African families with basic parenting training in order to impart skills necessary to succeed in the fostering and personal family endeavors. Our support to host families via the mothers, encompass maximization of resource usage as women in Africa are prone to self-sacrificing in favor of the child’s well-being.

Through the volunteer families, school principals, pastors, and friendship networks, we identify and provide school fees, school books, uniforms, food and clothing, and needed shelter to desperate orphaned kids.

Child Aid Africa also empowers the mother through business support. We accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Meeting the child’s most urgent and pressing needs.
  • Efficient and immediate disbursement of funds when and where it is most needed by the orphans.
  • Our  orphans have prior proven academic potential/abilities.
  • We aid orphans within their communities to keep them integrated in their social cultural settings within the kin and family network systems.
  • Targeting at the core needs of the orphans –  School fees and life essentials that keep the child at school –
  • We do not desire to develop a welfare clients out of the children that we support