As a young boy born of illiterate poor parents in an obscure village  in East Africa, Dr. Michael Mbito received school fees support from an anonymous individual. Child Aid Africa begun because of this one gesture of generosity to a poor, humble, village boy that transformed him to be an accomplished leader, educator, and a scholar. Child Aid Africa is entirely supported by contributions from individuals who hear and respond to this touching story of the founder.

The ministry of Child Aid Africa means everything to Michael as he travels each year to the remotest areas of East Africa touching the lives of poor boys and girls, the same way the  Good Samaritan touched him years ago. Gifts made to the organization will allow Child Aid Africa and Dr. Mbito to continue this life-changing ministry, to give hope to desperately hopeless children. The core philosophy for the ministry is: a model of poverty alleviation, child empowerment and transformation – Gospel intermix with education opportunity!  Our model is empirically proven as an effective strategy for empowering children to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.

Child Aid Africa caters for orphaned and vulnerable children to earn full potential for growth and productive  integration in society. The organization supports  children in their transition from primary schools to secondary schools as well as provide life-skills and psycho-social training.  Child Aid Africa supports all children regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender, as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. 



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Consider joining with us in this noble course and be a co-partner in a life changing mission to very vulnerable orphaned children in need, as you read the touching story of the founder...

My testimony encapsulates my life journey as a whole. Before I surrendered my life to Christ, I literary did not exist. Life did not bear much sense, hope, or any direction for me. In accepting Christ as my savior and committing my life totally to Christian living, it made a lot of difference particularly, in resolving major unresolved questions about life and its purpose.

I recall vividly that I initiated my education through an unusual request to my father at the age of six to assist me in starting school. The search for an appropriate placement took me to a Catholic Church sponsored school and with no sense of any Christian direction, I remained there for seven years of my primary school education. The ritualistic indoctrination into Catholicism and my youthful zeal for religiosity got me to attempt enlisting for admission to priesthood at a Catholic Church seminary at the end of my primary schooling at Riara Holy Ghost Mission School. As fate would have it, I was not included in the list of the finalists that year (1966). High school placement was highly competitive at the time  and only one student out of 135 students in my class joined  High School. At that time to finish grade 7  was like, “you have now finishes school” as it was at this point that most children ended their schooling.

Subsequently, I spent two of my youthful years without schooling in the village doing manual work and eking a livelihood akin to living in the streets at a tender age of 13 and 14. During this time, my parents were constantly separated and all the time, nine of us children remained under the care of my unemployed mother who was switching between my poor and old grandmother’s home, and a one rented one room hut where all of us lived together. At the close of two hard years, by the God’s grace,

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