Through Child Aid Africa we aim at developing servant leadership in families and communities within the Sub-Sahara African region and the world. We envision a new Africa where the suffering citizens can enjoy Good health, freedom, and happiness, free of challenges of war, poverty, hunger, and disease.

Child Aid Africa supports HIV/AIDS orphans and children at risk in Sub-Sahara Africa as a demonstration of the love of God to all.  Our service to the orphans and poor children is a true reflection of our commitment to the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We make hard-earned educational opportunities accessible to vulnerable children who would otherwise have it taken away by the well to do. Child Aid Africa supports these children to achieve success in furthering formal schooling, life skills and to earn risk avoidance competencies.

Child Aid Africa supports smart high school eligible children age 13 to 18 years old. The organization helps to place and retain these orphans in high schools for a period of four years.

Child Aid Africa evokes the holistic view that education and children’s well-being directly relates with broader family, cultural, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of child development that ultimately impact their future life and subsequently, how they functioning as adults. Within only a short duration of four years of supporting a HIV/AIDS orphans, we shall earn a reasonable level of impact on these children. Further, our driving force comes from the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the call to administer to the orphans during this most prominent time of need in their lives.

 We argue that the course of the HIV/AIDS crisis can be altered by providing immediate educational support to the orphans through school principals, family networks, and foster families to ensure that the children have a secure and healthy childhood.