I trust that you are well and continuing to thrive in God's grace. As a member of the CAA family, you are always in our prayers and in our expressions of gratitude. What a joy it is for me to share with you the successes of the CAA program!

The purpose of this letter is twofold: to thank you for your support and to inform you of our continuing need for assistance. 

First, a grand thank-you for the great effort by the Johnson family and so many other individuals who joined the CAA support partnership last year. And immeasurable thanks to the Rev. Tim Clark and Tray Core, both of whom accompanied me on the mission to Kenya in January and February. 

We delivered the "Good News" sponsorship to 52 students, and I invite you to watch our "THANK YOU" video.

Mere words cannot express the outpouring of joy and tears we received from the children as they witnessed the hand of God extending hope to their fragile lives. As the students shyly looked at the camera to thank their CAA family, we felt it! As we embraced each child to thank them, we felt it! As we experienced the deep impact of your donation, we felt it! Everyone involved felt it -- from the child, to the grandparent, to the school principal, to the entire CAA mission team. In your generous giving to CAA, you are their hero. We say thank you to you for helping to make the dream of Child Aid Africa come alive. When you give, you transform the life of an orphan. Through education and the power of the Gospel, you serve Christ.

Special Fees Appeal

Sarah, Michael & Elizabeth

We are in need of donations to cover a deficit of $25,000 in our sponsorship plan for the 2014-15 school year.  

Many students we support who lack direct sponsors need your help to remain in school this year.  We have received word that they may not be allowed to take their exams and could perhaps be expelled if urgent action is not taken.  A donation of $50.00 from each person receiving this appeal will meet this need.  I ask you to prayerfully consider responding to this request to support a student in need.  Please follow this link to DONATE

Sarah Githua a form 1
at Limuru Girls School
Elizabeth a form 1 student
at Njoro Girls High School


Your one time or ongoing donation will increase chances of excelling.

Thank you for marching with us toward a new Africa where suffering children can enjoy good health, education, happiness and freedom from the ravages of poverty and disease.

"Most things we do fade away in significance over time; 
it is only service for Christ that stands for all time."

-- A fellow Christian and friend of CAA.