Child Aid Africa’s vision is to develop servant leaders in families, communities and the larger society.  We envision a new Africa where suffering children will be empowered to enjoy real freedom and happiness free of challenges of war, poverty, hunger, and disease.

We provide educational opportunities, life skills and risk avoidance training, and minister to the children so that they can achieve success: in furthering formal schooling, individual development, gainful employment, raising healthy families, and in developing skills necessary for servant leadership during adulthood. Child Aid Africa therefore supports vulnerable children as a demonstration of the call for service, a true reflection of our commitment to the advancement of the Gospel of Christ.

Child Aid Africa supports children age 13 to 18 years old. The organization helps to place and retain the children in high schools for a period of four years. Through a stringent follow-up program, we have established one to one interaction with our students as we offer life skills training and counseling.

We have adapted values aimed at building our organization as an effective and credible agency with a mandate to meet the unique needs of as many children as possible. Our core values therefore entail: commitment in meeting each child’s pressing educational, psycho-social and immediate personal needs; equipping children with social skills to manage own lives and challenges resorting from the death of parents; efficient disbursement of funds when and where it is most needed; support to specific children with proven academic potential, at the same time desisting from developing dependent welfare clients.

We invoke the holistic view that children's well-being is directly related to the local environment, family dynamics, cultural traditions, economic status, social-psychological and spiritual aspects of child development. These factors we recognize, impact children’s present life circumstances, developmental dynamics and their eventual outcome during adulthood. Within a short duration of four years of education opportunity as well as training in life skills and risk avoidance, Child Aid Africa supported children become fully equipped and are readied to negotiate challenges of life. Our driving force at Child Aid Africa, is the call to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a wholesome manner to draw from the transformational impacting of  “Faith and Education opportunity” to the vulnerable child.

Child Aid Africa argues that the course of the HIV/AIDS crisis and poverty circumstances for the orphan can be averted through concerted efforts of stakeholders – the school principals, church pastors, extended family, our many donor partners, and well-wishers. The staggering number of African children already orphaned due to poverty, war, and disease reflect a major crisis, a situation demanding the application of culture-specific, and proactive approaches to deal with the problem. Child Aid Africa equips children for self-redefinition and hope for productive adulthood. We are hoping that our Pay It Forward (PIF) program will strengthen CAA more to cover vocational and college education for many high school graduates.